Adibe Project | OUTPUT 1
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Output 1 – SWOT analysis on catering to diversity in CLIL

The project will begin by conducting a quantitative and qualitative study into the satisfaction generated by the resources, materials, organization, methodologies, or types of evaluation which are being deployed to cater to diversity within CLIL schemes and the main teacher training needs in this area, and identifying the main weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, and threats of catering to diversity in CLIL, according to the stakeholders involved.


Since no prior investigations have focused on the issue, the innovative nature of this study is its most distinctive feature. It will allow us to provide solid empirical evidence on where we stand in the crucial challenge of catering to diversity in CLIL programs, on which are the main teacher training needs on this front, on which are the core difficulties which need to be addressed and on which are the practices which are working best and thus be incorporated.